How To Use Diminished Scales In The Blues

The tabs and notation for this lesson, as well as the into solo are available on my Patreon.

In this lesson we’ll discuss the two diminished scales. The dominant or ‘half-whole’ diminished scale, and the tonic or ‘whole-half’ diminished scale. Both can be used to great effect in a 12 bar blues. We’ll look at how to use the Dominant Diminished Scale to go from the 1 chord to the 4 chord, and how to use the Tonic Diminished Scale to go from the 4 chord back to the 1 chord. To demonstrate these scales, we’re going to look at a couple phrases from Joe Pass’s solo on the song ‘Joe’s Blues’ off the Intercontinental album. We’ll go over the original phrases and then talk about how to move the phrases around the fretboard to get 4 different variations.

The Gear: Josh Williams Mockingbird w/ ToneSpecific Bloombuckers, Headstrong Amps ‘Lil King S, Universal Ox Box.