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Josh Williams Mockingbird
Headstrong Lil’ King S
Fender Acoustasonic
Xotic California Classic XTC
Blues Shuffle Solo
Inside the TrueFire studio
Original gospel tune
Scott Wittenberg collaboration
Gospel Changes on a Josh Williams Mockingbird
Georgie Pie
Charlie Allen collaboration
Soulshine Family Band solos
Dancing On the Moon
Still Crazy After All These Years
Three Sundays
Big D Perkins
How to play over a VI-II-V-I chord progression in 3 levels
Transcribing Licks And Making Them Your Own
Scales and Arpeggios to Use in the Blues and How to Practice Them
How to add II-V-I’s to the the Blues
Minor Blues Basics: Pentatonic Scales, Chord Tones, Harmonic Minor, Diminished Arpeggios
Spice Up Your Chord Progressions With Secondary Dominants and II-V-I’s
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How To Use Diminished Scales In The Blues
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Shades Of The Blues
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