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Jack Ruch is a guitar player and teacher in Nashville, Tennessee.

Specializing in clean tone, soulful phrasing and jazz flavored licks, Jack’s teaching style is calm, direct, and no nonsense. Jack’s YouTube lessons cover a wide variety of topics and are completely free. Join Jack’s Patreon for tabs, notation, backing tracks, support, behind-the-scenes content, livestreams and more!



In this masterclass from Jack Ruch, you’ll learn 10 of Jack’s favorite approaches to coloring blues solos over basic blues changes, sophisticated changes, and even across various styles: blues shuffles, gospel inspired changes, funky New Orleans style grooves, jazz-blues tunes, latin flavored feels, sophisticated soul changes and more.

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For each approach, we’ll first dive deep into the harmonic information you need to know, and then we’ll work through a few versatile ways to create lines, licks, and embellishments that work well together in your solos. You’ll apply it all, over backing tracks, as you play your way through 10 soloing performance studies.”

“We’ll explore minor and major pentatonic crossover points, chord-tone-focused approaches, diminished and other alterations for functioning dominants, go-to substitutions, superimposed arpeggios, harmonic minor applications, lydian dominant colors and many other approaches that you’ll be able to put to work immediately.


Jack’s Manual for Tasty Blues Rhythm

8 Go-To Rhythm Approaches For Pro Blues Guitarists

Guitarists spend the majority of their stage time playing rhythm guitar, which is why it is critical to develop competent rhythm guitar skills. Not only does a solid rhythm lay the foundation for the music, it also showcases your timing and feel. A solid rhythmic groove can make even the most basic chord progressions sound interesting, and it gives lead instrumentalists the room they need to shine.

8 Go-To Rhythm Approaches For Pro Blues Guitarists

“In this manual for tasty blues rhythm, I’ll show you flavorful approaches for playing rhythm guitar over four must-know blues feels – Shuffles, Slow Blues, Minor Blues and a Rockin’ Blues. 

“I’ll demonstrate eight of my go-to approaches and apply them over jam tracks for context. Then we will break each down for you in juicy detail.

“Everything I show you I’ve learned myself over decades of playing guitar so I’m really happy to put it all together in this manual.

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Pure melody-making magic. This deep dive into blues phrasing with Jack Ruch is all the best of modern blues and classic R&B playing at a level anyone with mid-level guitar playing skills can follow.

Another excellent gift for the guitar player in your life!


Lessons covering practice routines, triads, arpeggios, chord tones, phrasing and dynamics, chromatic enclosures, diatonic harmonies, secondary dominants, jump blues, slow blues, jazz blues and so much more. Every guitar player can find something useful here. To dig deeper join Jack’s Patreon for tabs, notations, backing tracks, support, behind-the-scenes content, live-streams and more!

To contact Jack, write to – [email protected].